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Hey, fellow indie game lovers: could you all please stop describing games like Gone Home and Dear Esther as “not for the Call of Duty/Michael Bay/shooter crowd”? People are perfectly capable of enjoying smart, quiet indie games AND silly, bombastic action games. I love AAA shooters and I love story-driven indies, and that’s not a characteristic that’s unique to me. 

Acting like shooter fans are incapable of liking anything without constant explosions is not only plainly false, but also elitist and snobbish, and it is statements like that which cause the label “pretentious” to stick to indie games. It also helps to further this false conflict between “indie” and “AAA,” which is just as pointless and destructive as any console war or “hardcore vs. casual” rift. So, do us all a favor and stop feeding into all that, okay?

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I’ve been waiting for a Dualshock 4 to come into a decent price but then I found out that they’re going to be selling those pure white ones after Destiny and the white PS4 come out and yes I must have a White Dualshock please.


mickleburger replied to your post: A wasp harassed me while doing pull up…

i don’t believe you

I mean, it might have wanted to use the free weights or something I don’t know I can’t speak Wasp.


A wasp harassed me while doing pull ups today.

I should clarify, I was the one doing pull ups.


things i would give my life for

  • you

things i wouldnt give my life for

  • honor

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whether or not a woman shaves is hardly the biggest issue we have going on when the dragons are coming back and ulfric stormcloak murdered the high king WITH HIS VOICE. SHOUTED HIM APART

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The most beautiful Game Boys ⊟

I love, love, love these. I am SO tempted to pick one up and throw on a front light mod, then not play any other console for the rest of my life.

These gorgeous floral paintjobs come from Georgina, who makes and sells customized portables through her friend’s shop. If you want to commission something like this from Georgina, hit up her Tumblr.

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Men in Chengdu dressed as a Transformer begging money to return to home planet, taken away by police.

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Ubisoft have announced that there’s going to be a female character in Ass Unity.

They’re really selling her hard too, she’s got a character reveal trailer, a novel from her perspective on the way and a big fancy statue because apparently Ubisoft are both stupid, and don’t understand the complaints even a little, and they also think they can buy off their critics with a character who gets lots of merch?!?

Like, I can’t believe this has to be said but, Ubisoft? The problem is not that there are no female characters in Ass Unity. It’s the French Revolution, there fucking better be women in it. The problem is that you offer people customisable assassins for multiplayer, and DON’T offer a female model for it cause “TOO HARD!!!”

And I know like, I read somewhere that the basic idea is that it’s kinda like Peace Walker? You will all be playing the same character on your own screen but only you see yourself as that character. If that’s the case then explaining that, whilst still pissing a ton of people off, would at least sound more plausible than “TOO HARD!!!”.

Honestly the dumbest thing that Ubisoft does is that they sit on controversy. They released the cover for FarCry 4, and just sat there and took the accusations of racism for like a week, before saying anything about how the villain isn’t white, is actually the villain, et cetera. Have someone stupidly say “women are too hard to animate” and then just sit on that and let people just throw criticisms at them and not apologise for it.

This is bad business on top of everything else, this is just awful decision making. When Nintendo said they’d “patched out gay marriage” from Tomodachi Life, they fucking appologised when they were hit with the backlash. A Sincere apology is literally the first step to doing anything about it but Ubisoft just looks like they’re trying to buy off their detractors and that’s fucking insulting STOP MAKING BAD DECISIONS UBISOFT AND JUST FUCKING MAKE BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL 2 ALREADY!