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Anyone wanna hear my MGS V theories? No? Okay I’ll put them under a cut.

Spoilers, obviously.

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Shatmems is coming out on PSN, wooo!


I hate these US vs UK wankfests on my dash. the UK’s shite, the US is shite, grow up

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This dude has a dumb helmet.

This dude has a dumb helmet.




Slam Zeroes.

best usage of the helicopter music I’ve seen so far.


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PS4’s cool, Outlast is spooky, I wish I could export my videos and edit them because fuck facebook for real.

Nevermind, apparently that’s coming in a firmware update soon.

God bless Ground Zeroes for letting us play Kojima’s Fan Fiction where he busts out of a highly secure facility with Big Boss’ help.

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I just finished the story mission of Ground Zeroes (also I bought a PS4 booyeah) and I AM A MASS OF EMOTIONS.


Mixed race man checks out PAX Diversity lounge, feels uncomfortable.

As for me, I did not feel very comfortable entering the lounge. Given how comfortable I am in general, that’s saying a lot. On one hand, I felt like I may be intruding on someone else’s space, as they may have gone to the diversity lounge specifically to get awayfrom people like me. On the other hand, I felt like I would potentially come of as a “fraud” for treating the diversity lounge as place designed for me, when I don’t feel that it was.

That’s right, the diversity lounge made me feel irrationally defensive and paranoid that I might be accidentally offensiveat the same time. Quite a feat for a place designed to make people from varied backgrounds feel at home together, though some of the exhibitors there seemed to have had a much more favorable experience with the thing. 

That just says to me, that while people from GSRM backgrounds, who’re making games and don’t want to be forced to suffer the “bro brah bruh bruv” crap of “Gamer Culture” at large, find having a space to exhibit where people are perfectly open and there for the kind of thing you’re making, feel really thankful not to have to put up with that shit… maybe making a specific place for all the “Others” to go in your totally-welcoming-video-game-convention(!) that’s segregated from the main crowd… makes… people… uncomfortable?!? WHAT A CONCEPT!

Fuck PAX is what I’m getting at here.